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Fresh Produce Distribution

From our home farms in hunterdon county to food banks across the country, our fresh produce distribution has cracked the code to ensuring over 22 states have easy access to our crisp, delicious fruits and vegetables.

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Regional Distribution.

America’s Grow-a-Row owns and operates four farms in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and produces farm fresh produce which is donated to our regional partners.

Our largest partners include Feeding America, the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, City Harvest in New York City, Philabundance in Philadelphia, and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Cooperative, also in Philadelphia. Through these partnerships we reach every corner of New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia, and a total of 22 states!

States We’ve Reached.

Local Distribution

Our Free Farm Markets

Our Free Farm Markets are a great way to meet local needs, reduce waste, and help educate our community on how to best utilize their new produce!

Distribute Fresh Produce

Our Free Farm Market program brings fruits and vegetables to local underserved neighborhoods —also known as food deserts— that lack access to fresh, affordable produce.

Share Delicious, Affordable Recipes

We share simple, delicious, budget-friendly recipes to encourage healthy eating habits. We also invite market guests to the farm to harvest and take home the produce they picked.

Provide Local Food Rescue

Our local food rescue is done in partnership with grocery stores and local farms. Dedicated volunteers pick up “not quite retail-perfect” produce from grocers and deliver it to local feeding organizations, while farm partners allow us to rescue excess produce for distribution.


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to 15,000 Audience Families each Year

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Discover More About Grow-A-Row

America’s Grow-A-Row is taking a revolutionary approach to solving hunger by treating the need along with the entire wellbeing of people suffering from hunger. We refuse to let poverty be a barrier to accessing healthy food, and have found unique, community-centered methods for people facing food insecurity to go from surviving to thriving.

Sustainable Farming

We use sustainable farming methods to make the most of our farmland, utilizing volunteers to help create a self-sustaining ecosystem for long term success..

Reducing Food Waste

30%-40% of the nation’s food supply goes to waste. Discover how we glean—the act of collecting produce that would otherwise be wasted—both on and off the farm.

& Inspiring

From childhood through adulthood, we are educating Americans from all walks of life into the importance of nutrition, the prevalence of hunger, and what they can do to make a difference.
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