Food & Hunger Education

From childhood through adulthood, we are educating Americans from all walks of life into the importance of nutrition, the prevalence of hunger, and what they can do to make a difference.

“Out of our little “Daddy Daughter” project, my hope was that Kyra would learn to eat healthy and be given the opportunity to give back. The importance of that theme remains the same and just as strong as it was back in 2002.”

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Volunteer Education

Volunteers of all ages learn about food insecurity and our mission. They learn the basics of agriculture while they work to provide farm fresh produce for those in need. School groups may stay for an additional workshop about nutrition or hunger to help the students understand the impact of their day on the farm.
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Education for Kids

We offer presentations and healthy eating workshops to teach kids about our mission and the importance of volunteering. Curriculum includes nutrition, culinary skills, sustainable agriculture, and food insecurity. Kids can learn virtually, on the farm, or at your school!




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At America’s Grow-a-Row, we believe that it is important to increase access to the skills and information that helps people source and make nourishing and delicious food. We do that by working with our community partners to offer cooking classes, workshops, and presentations to make it easier for everyone to make empowered choices about their food and health.

Grow-a-Row Kids Farm Days

We bring children from underserved communities to the farm to enjoy a day packed with harvesting and healthy eating. While in the fields, kids learn about how our produce grows. They are encouraged to taste what they have harvested and to try different ways of preparing the produce in our Farm to Fork Kitchen. Best of all, they get to take home a bag of delicious produce to share with their families!
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is a favorite lesson!
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Education for Adults

We offer education for adults as well. Our team offers presentations to community groups, universities, and healthcare organizations for adults. Lessons take place on the farm, virtually, or at your organization.

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Invite Us to Teach!

Want to bring Grow-a-Row education to your school or organization? Complete the form so we can discover what program works best for you!
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Discover More About Grow-A-Row

America’s Grow-A-Row is taking a revolutionary approach to solving hunger by treating the need along with the entire wellbeing of people suffering from hunger. We refuse to let poverty be a barrier to accessing healthy food, and have found unique, community-centered methods for people facing food insecurity to go from surviving to thriving.

Sustainable Farming

We use sustainable farming methods to make the most of our farmland, utilizing volunteers to help create a self-sustaining ecosystem for long term success.

Fresh Produce Distribution

It’s’ not enough to grow the food: half the battle is getting it there. We use an advanced distribution setup in order to distribute the freshest produce to 22 states. 

Reducing Food Waste

30%-40% of the nation’s food supply goes to waste. Discover how we glean—the act of collecting produce that would otherwise be wasted—both on and off the farm.
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