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Corporate Partnerships & Volunteering

Every season, many corporate groups join us for a valuable team-building experience while harvesting crops. Before heading into the fields, you’ll learn about food insecurity, the history of America’s Grow-a-Row, where our produce goes, and what you’ll be harvesting that day. Corporate events run Monday to Friday, 9 am to 12 pm. Afterward, you are welcome to enjoy your lunch at our picnic tables. Groups range from 5 to 300 volunteers.


Because Your Support Matters.

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Increase Team Camaraderie

Give colleagues the opportunity to strengthen their bond in a unique setting… our farm.
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Make a Tangible Impact

Make tangible impact on addressing hunger in our communities.
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Expand Your CSR

Foster a sense of community and social responsibility while enhancing your CSR profile.
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Company Support Opportunities

Movers & Shakers

Become an Impact Partner

Impact Partners are deeply invested in our mission by donating $25,000 or more and bringing their teams to volunteer on our farms throughout the harvest season Our Impact Partners’ financial support enables us to expand our Fresh Produce Initiative while volunteer events provide a stronger sense of purpose and responsibility.
Many hands make light work

Fields of Service Sponsorships

The Fields of Service sponsorship program supports the hard work of our vast network of 10,000+ volunteers who harvest and deliver more than 12.8 million servings of farm fresh produce throughout our growing season.

Your investment provides meaningful and impactful volunteer experiences for community organizations, schools, corporate groups (and more) who harvest nutritious fruits and vegetables for people struggling with hunger 
in our communities.
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Cause Marketing

People are loyal to brands that commit to making a positive impact by creating a strong emotional connection and inspiring them to take part. According to a recent Forbes article, shoppers under the age of 40 prefer
to give back through where they shop.
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Round up change to make a change!

Pennies for Produce

If you have a front-end point-of-sale store, you can show your commitment to giving back with our Pennies for Produce program. Customers “round up” their pennies to fight hunger. Every dollar donated equals 5 servings of fresh, healthy produce for families in need.
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What to a Expect

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Volunteer FAQs

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